“The most beautiful world is always entered through imagination.”

Helen KellerDSC_0873.JPG

A pragmatic person I consider myself to be

I uphold the principles of scientific inquiry

My profession relies on a strong foundation

Of irrefutable facts, evidence-based information

I like validated facts; with mathematical precision

I can easily make most of my decisions

It keeps the axis of my earth stable

Knowledge makes my life comfortable.


Yet when in my life excitement I crave

When I decide I want to be brave

And venture out of my zone of comfort

My dormant senses become alert-

And I dive into a world of imagination

Where fact and fantasy are in amalgamation

Giving shape and form to ideas new

Some remain fantasies, others come true

When trying to solve a problem unique

Where knowledge suddenly appears weak

Imagination might come to the rescue

And furnish a creative solution, brand new

And then I remember- what’s known today

Existed only in imagination back in the day..


Thus while knowledge is the wall, dull and sturdy

Imagination is the drapery, avant-garde and quirky!










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