Good days/ bad days

There are days when you wake up

With a spring in your step

Energized, ready to take the world on

By its proverbial horn

A lot you accomplish in that day

You think such days would pave the way

For you to aim higher; more achieve

You are invincible, or so you believe


Then there are days when life drags you down

You shuffle your feet, your forehead has a frown

When all you wish is to crawl in your bed

Yet put one foot in front of the other instead

You manage to get work done somehow

Using as little energy as your body would allow


I used to think that that the days that made a difference

Were the ones full of energy and exuberance

Yet, with passage of time I’ve made this observation-

Sleepwalking through slow days just for self-preservation

Is equally important- it is the ability during such days

To put one foot before the other along the way

That propels us forward, for such days are many more

Plowing ahead during tough times ensures

That eventually the destination is reached

Your goal you have finally achieved.

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