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  1. Dear Friend, I, too, I’m a refugee in this insanity ridden world. The truth is? This insane world is not home and war is engulfing it nowadays, but! We have an Advocate up on high. He has heard our agonizing pleas. He is now setting us free not only from the world but mainly from our bereaved selves. He is not dealing with the multitude. He is dealing with each one of us personally, by our names. He is the only One with the power to harmonize all inharmonious circumstances that come our way. I, for one can testify to that fact. He is now restoring us to the original intent for our creation. There is hope. It is not by chance that our path have crossed. Here is my email. You are welcome to email me. I cannot offer you money or anything material, but! Here is my love and friendship. 🙂 thialicona@gmail.com.

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