A virus challenges the anthropocene

(Anthropocene: the current geological age, viewed as the period during which human activity has been the dominant influence on climate and the environment.) We had created the anthropocene Become oblivious of threats unseen Things dangerous, we thought, could only be Products of human ingenuity We did pay quite a bit of attention To the devastating […]


There was a time when I thought Being traditional was not Compatible with a progressive mind Since my worldview was more aligned With liberalism, I wanted to explore Everything new, I hungered for more Experiences to understand the world around me My culture was relegated to dormant history.. * Reinventing myself as I went on […]

Cluttered corners

Corners, too many in my abode… Rabble of objects Hidden everywhere Unfinished projects Interrupted ideas Incompleteness everywhere Works in progress Languishing in despair Dried liquids, caked powders Chains tangled and twisted Jewelry, clothing, lying unworn Knick-knacks I’d forgotten existed Journals, some rough at the edges Pages filled with disjointed prose Some with covers pristine, less […]


Children look up to their parents Mothers and fathers strength epitomize But my parents were new immigrants Always meek, afraid- it took me long to realize How strong they were- forced to seek asylum In a country where they knew neither language nor custom They tried to earn a living honest Stretched thin, they did […]

A woman’s choice…

Is there a foolproof method, she asks in a low voice After I go through every available choice I shake my head, birth control methods work when they do But they can, and do, fail too No pill, no device, no depot shots can be Used with 100% guarantee ** I look at her, her […]

I’ve done my research…

Research as I understand, is supposed to be A process of painstaking complexity Performed by diligent people who have studied Extensively on a topic- now waters have been muddied- In this pandemic, suddenly everyone has become A master of research, it’s no longer a domain for some All view-points should equally valid be An expert’s […]

Test Result

Agonizing, each moment Going through the day, a torment Unfocused, unmoored in an anxious wait In a turmoil, trying to project a calm state Eyes wide open, but blunted sight Ears that hear, but listen, not quite A plastic smile, trying to hide The tsunami raging inside Destiny hanging in balance delicate Test results with […]


So many things in the world appear Incomprehensible to me, I fear The many unknowns that surround me Nebulous problems whose solutions I cannot see To keep my sanity, to try to bring some measure Of order in my world, to bring amid chaos, pleasure I flex my creative muscle, albeit weak Some form of […]

The Devil Wrote Our Destiny..

The devil himself must have designed our destiny We can’t find a reason why else it would be That not just once but repeatedly we find While the world makes progress, we get left behind Barely from the middle ages we had emerged Now a new tsunami has left us submerged In the abyss of […]

Please take the vaccine!

We don’t practice paternalistic medicine Shared decision-making is what we believe in We go over options, the patient and the physician Weigh pros and cons, personal preferences and come to a decision We may recommend strongly, but pushy we are not… This is something that’s lately weighing on my mind a lot- Most patients are […]

Content is King

Filtered, airbrushed in pictures, botoxed in real life Flawless, perfect, unblemished face The right skin tone, gloriously sun-kissed Not a strand of hair out of place Perfectly pouting in a lovely location (COVID cannot ruin photoshoots after all) Masterful editing used to convert Into a majestic cascade a local waterfall Half a million subscribers need […]

The Earth and Us

For millennia I think we thrived In harmony with nature, we survived Natural disasters, war and famine Finally created the Anthropocene Somehow somewhere along the way The erroneous notion came into play That the earth and all its non-human creatures Were created for our benefit, its myriad geographic features Were for us to exploit, first […]

Who wrote history?

To learn about your people, history you should read This is what I had heard all along indeed Diligently I read all textbooks in history assigned That the content could be anything but gospel truth never crossed my mind * I must say I’m embarrassed to state That after all these years, of late I’ve […]