A virus challenges the anthropocene

(Anthropocene: the current geological age, viewed as the period during which human activity has been the dominant influence on climate and the environment.) We had created the anthropocene Become oblivious of threats unseen Things dangerous, we thought, could only be Products of human ingenuity We did pay quite a bit of attention To the devastating […]

It’s that simple!

Growing up I had always heard “It’s not that simple”… simple seemed a word That denoted something too ordinary, too crass Complexity was somehow associated with class I was taught to use difficult words to appear erudite To display gravitas, not be perceived a neophyte Whether in art, literature, geometry or science The real meaning […]

Leave work… at work

To cross every T and dot every I Is my goal for each day, and I try My best to leave that pesky inbox Of my work tasks empty, that’s my detox For each day- so that when I leave My workplace, I am able to cleave My life into two separate domains- Work and […]


I love drawing boards And blank slates The places where inspiration awaits Where you can erase the bygones Start afresh with ideas new Without the past hindering you.. ** I love canvases blank Crisp journals with white pages that await Beautiful penmanship coupled with ideas great Or swathes of color splashed in abandon To create […]

Alone with COVID

During the COVID-19 pandemic, most hospitals have been forced to adopt a no-visitation policy for patients to mitigate spread. Additionally, to reduce exposure to staff and to preserve PPE, many healthcare workers are also forced to reduce/limit time spent in patient rooms. Many COVID patients are struggling alone in their rooms. This poem is written […]

New Year Musings..

Not that the beginning of the year follows a pattern Even when we for new beginnings yearn But this year has started on notes so grim Statistics revealing hospitals full to the brim Human suffering raging at levels unprecedented In so many ways has COVID upended The fabric of normal lives worldwide– As we wait […]

Blessing in Disguise..

I hear this on a routine basis in treating patients with chronic illnesses- “Doc, I have good days and bad days.” This post celebrates all those people bearing the burden of chronic illnesses who live each day choosing happiness and gratitude. I recall clearly the day the diagnosis was made That clear memory can never […]

The Shape of Hope

Something just feels so right this week Rays of hope have brightened the landscape bleak After months of despair clouding the sky Silver linings are here, and I cannot lie That for the first time in many months now Fear seems to be fading- I can finally allow Hope to fill my heart as I […]

Ray of Light

Sometimes it takes a crisis to reveal What you have painfully suppressed, you no longer feel I had made loneliness my companion I did not care if I was shunned By neighbors, distant relatives, and such I had convinced myself that I did not need people much Of course I did not have a stellar […]


We are taught to be polite, right from childhood There are things we don’t say out loud that we could Because unfiltered thoughts are like cannons loose Therefore our words we must carefully choose Just because someone expresses an opinion different We seldom protest outright in a tone vehement Personal interactions are usually in civility […]

You can do it all..

That idea never entered my mind After all, my life was defined By the mantra, you can do it all Reach the glass ceiling, break every wall.. The idea that this could be a lie The idea that the bar could be set unreasonably high Was outside my sphere of comprehension I would do it […]

Mindful multitasking- an oxymoron

Armed with my oven, instant pot, microwave Three dishes cooking at once- thinking of the time I can save I pat myself on my back, now it is time To listen to a podcast as I chop vegetables fine Trying to learn something new while I cook several meals This is multitasking at its finest, […]

COVID changed my life..

I was afraid, I could not breathe Wrecked by the virus, my insides did seethe Fever, fatigue, cough, and constant fear That the illness could turn more severe In my illness-driven haze I prayed Fervently, dreading deterioration delayed Yet hopeful that I would come out alive And perfectly healthy- wasn’t I just naive… * Of […]