A virus challenges the anthropocene

(Anthropocene: the current geological age, viewed as the period during which human activity has been the dominant influence on climate and the environment.) We had created the anthropocene Become oblivious of threats unseen Things dangerous, we thought, could only be Products of human ingenuity We did pay quite a bit of attention To the devastating […]

Rhythms of Life

There’s the rhythm of day and night That my body wants to follow, but with all my might I resist the urge to synchronize I sleep at midnight, late in the morning I rise… There’s the monthly rhythm of the ebb and flow Of the lining of my womb, that I hate to follow Tools […]

I am not fine…

Millions of people in my motherland India and around the world are grieving at this time. This poem is an attempt to give a voice to those who are putting up a brave front.. I hope you don’t ask me how I am doing these days For if you do, you might set a fire […]


In a world that has descended into chaos and confusion May your voice be the one of reason In a world where selfish interests prevail In helping others, may you never fail.. In a world careening towards disaster inexorably Where countless others have failed to halt the catastrophe May you be the one to change […]


If the best you can do today Is to put one foot in front of the other, it’s fine Do not overthink, no attention should you pay To the running commentary in your mind That tells you to disregard what you have gone through That tells you to get up and run like you used […]

Unsung COVID warriors

The world would be a better place tomorrow Because of what you did today in this time of sorrow While some saw an opportunity to sell oxygen and medications At inflated prices, you sold at a loss to needy patients While the COVID positive elderly couple was shunned By fearful neighbors, you were the one […]

Pandemic bystanders

“The signs that children will bear the scars of the pandemic for years to come are unmistakable.” Henrietta Fore, UNICEF Executive Director They have been silent bystanders of the pandemic Watching their world upended, parents and grandparents getting sick Not fully understanding what’s going on Without articulating, they feel something is wrong They have been […]

No thank you, I’ve got this!

Why should I be a damsel in distress Just so that you can claim success Over rescuing me from villains, demons and more That narrative belongs to patriarchal folklore.. * Why do you think I should walk on eggshells Around your fragile ego, it’s time to dispel The myth that I’m dependent on you in […]

Abundance is a State of Mind

From scarcity to abundance From famine to feast From lack to plenty To most from least.. Starting from too little to reach More than enough for every need Being driven by a fear of running out To living with contentment, not greed ** From desiring more to needing less From accumulating stuff to letting go […]

Exit the echo chamber..

We all have our opinions and our woes Often we find ourselves in the throes Of impassioned discussions on social media platforms Where opinions are vociferous, but participants not fully informed The written word seems to have power unique To evoke strong emotions, polarize, force most people to speak In a way that reflects their […]

Don’t you desire…

There were qualities and possessions I had admired There was much that my impressionable mind had desired Everything I lusted after eluded me As I chased my desires passionately Since those goals never seemed to be in sight Gradually I started giving up the fight.. I kept my head down and did what I needed […]

Glass ceiling

I’m either a church mouse or too aggressive If I appear bold I’m too progressive If I stay on the sidelines, I am regressive Emotional, hormonal, are adjectives for me if I am too expressive.. ** If I play nice, I am too lenient If I am stern, I’m trying to be dominant There’s no […]