A virus challenges the anthropocene

(Anthropocene: the current geological age, viewed as the period during which human activity has been the dominant influence on climate and the environment.) We had created the anthropocene Become oblivious of threats unseen Things dangerous, we thought, could only be Products of human ingenuity We did pay quite a bit of attention To the devastating […]

Lessons from the pandemic

No one had predicted such an occurrence A catastrophe leading to worldwide sufferance But there are lessons hidden in each calamity The pandemic has delivered a blow to human vanity Our survival instinct that lay dormant Has resurfaced to deal with the torment.. New revelations, new lessons have appeared While we navigate the waters with […]

Truth-or a dressed-up lie?

“Like yin and yang, truth and lies are inseparable, each containing a seed of the other. No words are ever entirely true or entirely untrue.”– Chloe Thurlow Looks like the perfect material has been invented Called truth- In myriad forms it can be presented Bendable, stretchable, moldable by humankind Capable of playing tricks with your […]

Her marriage..

Sometimes life happens to be just that way What really bothers her, she simply cannot say The pain she swallows like a pill, there is no choice Resentment, discontentment are all internalized, they don’t get a voice The moving parts of her marriage are hidden from prying eyes The truth bleeds inside, covered by an […]

Don’t just click away!

I think an unhealthy habit I have acquired Of clicking on icons on my screen, more than required Of course my work demands thousands of clicks each day I can make huge changes to patients’ lives in this way And then there is the mindless browsing of which we all may be In way or […]

Bad News

I have to break bad news to you I am quite apprehensive, it’s true I don’t know your current state of mind I doubt you’ve previously received news of this kind Intuitively I think you know something is wrong That worsening shortness of breath you’ve had all along Has to be more than a cold-this […]

The Objects of My (In)attention

I am having a pity party today For first world problems are blocking my way These self-created problems prevent My time from being gainfully spent.. ** I have been guilty, I do confess Of acquiring new things, trying to possess The biggest, the best, and definitely more Of everything I can, even if I have […]

Age, a number…

Do I dare imagine, in all audacity That age would just be a number for me? May I dream that at the age of sixty I would be a diva, confident and sassy? I wonder if my gray hair and wrinkles would give me Grace, and an air of wisdom that the world could see.. […]

Not So Productive…

Why is there this need persistent To maintain productivity constant To fill each waking minute, each hour With some activity- to make me feel empowered As if what I do alone constitutes my existence Why does my mind give me such resistance To the idea of being idle and staring into space Is it societal […]


To your ears, foreign sounds my accent You have difficulty understanding me to some extent I get it, and I wish you would simply ask me To speak more slowly and deliberately English is not my first language Some sounds I find harder to enunciate The way you do, but believe me when I say […]


“Self-worth comes from one thing – thinking that you are worthy.” Wayne Dyer I wonder now but why on earth Was I looking for self-worth Outside of me, in others’ eyes? I did not even care if they were lies Sugarcoated to sound cloying to my willing ears To drown the noise of my innermost […]

The beautiful female protagonist

            As an avid reader, there is something I have found That continues to bother me, in a way quite profound- The female lead in nearly every story Is a beautiful woman, no matter who she might be She might have qualities in every realm, but still She is usually […]