The Lure of Travel

Traveling-it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller. – Ibn Batuta The first stirrings of impatience are starting to grow Within me, making me restless, and I fully know Why this is happening-grounded I have been For longer than usual, therefore I am keen To spread my proverbial wings and fly away From theContinue reading “The Lure of Travel”


A desert is a place without expectation. NADINE GORDIMER, Telling Times   Stark, limitless, unforgiving Harsh, austere, terrorizing Marked by crystal silence Life declaring its presence In the form of skeletons preserved Under the undulating dunes submerged Sand stretched out in myriad shades Interrupted by a few random blades Of burnt grass, or a solitary tree TheContinue reading “Desert”

Something new every day..

On a steamy afternoon in the summer Steeped in soporific languor Sprawled on the bed, bored out of my mind Searching for some inspiration, I did find For healthy living, a unique recommendation- For the body and the mind’s stimulation Try something new everyday; move out Of your comfort zone, and take a new route. This idea,Continue reading “Something new every day..”

Mesmerized by Marble

“THE MARBLE NOT YET CARVED CAN HOLD THE FORM OF EVERY THOUGHT THE GREATEST ARTIST HAS.” Michaelangelo Just another variety of a rock, some might say- Not quite, I would beg to differ any day To me, a piece of marble does symbolize Virgin beauty, pure, without a vice A sculptor’s dream, an architect’s delight Fashioned intoContinue reading “Mesmerized by Marble”