Confessions of a wannabe writer

The magic of storytelling I well understand I’m waiting for God’s mysterious hand To work wonders on my imagination in such a way That I can pen a groundbreaking story one day Everyone has a story, so I am told Random ideas in my head I hope would unfold And reorganize in to a story […]

Break me..

Let me get shattered Let me break Into a million pieces For the sake Of my grief I am blinded Crippled, maimed By flaming anger I long to blame This twist of fate Like a tsunami Washed away from me The life that I knew No path I can see Forward- it is clouded In […]

Let me explain..

We were three women meeting For the first time-wives of three old friends After the preliminary introductions were completed And we were all past the stage of pretense The conversation turned, as it invariably does To family, work-life balance, raising children Soon each one of us, though highly accomplished Was explaining her life-choices to other […]


I just want to sit in peace and drink my coffee And mindfully enjoy my breakfast too Instead I grab a biodegradable cup And scarf down antioxidant-rich morsels few With my phone in one hand, coffee cup in the other I grab my car keys and walk at a brisk pace To my car, my […]

Strong no more..

You are strong, is all you’ve heard So strong is the only way to be In moments of weakness, you put on a facade Of strength, each time invariably.. That does help carry you through Many crises, real and perceived But it turns exhausting too “You can handle anything” is generally believed This illusion of […]

In my skin

You complain about being uncomfortable Due to externalities- mostly you are capable Of moving away from the source of discomfort for you Therein lies the difference between us – this is not true For me- I carry the burden of discomfort with me Because of my lack of societal conformity.. * I am eyed with […]

Success redefined

Success… How would I define success today? Do I think I’m successful, am I able to say I’ve arrived, I’ve achieved the goals That make me successful as a whole Is success a discrete entity or a continuum? Is my life headed in an upward direction? * Success was important, that was ingrained In my […]

Business and ethics in the modern world

Temptations abound Slippery slopes all around Hard to know sometimes what you do Is above bar, completely ethical too In a world where lines get increasingly blurred New money-generating ways get unfurled In a gig economy, there are creative ways To sell stuff, ideas, entertainment these days The old-fashioned ways of drawing a fixed income […]

Choosing strength

“You don’t know how strong you are Until being strong is the only option for you” This is what I had heard so far But I beg to state this may not be true The statement seems to suggest That strength is a reaction to an external force This sentiment I would like to protest […]

Journey through Grief

I believe that healing from grief requires embracing it, and going through it, in order to move on. From childhood years I had been taught You had to look happy, even when you were not The world would soon get tired of your grief This was what I had imbibed, this was my belief.. * […]

The city of the large-hearted- an ode to Delhi

Thinking about my life never fails to remind me Of the place I call my hometown, this incredible city * Far I have flown from its folds, yet I remain beguiled By its timeless appeal, the history of India is compiled Within its perimeters, the seat of power is here Delhi fueled my ambition, made […]

Verse on verse

To long meandering sentences I am averse These days I find when I want to converse With other denizens of this universe I choose not prose, I choose verse.. * When I am caught in situations terse When I am dealing with circumstances adverse I try to organize my thoughts in verse This exercise then […]