Silver lined clouds…

The system is broken, its victims on their own Trying to navigate through giant crevasses alone Shortage is the operative word here Of supplies, personnel, patience- I fear Overworked individuals close to their limits have reached Workplace ethics have been tarnished and breached Team spirit and casual camaraderie Unfortunately one can only rarely see SomeContinue reading “Silver lined clouds…”


How, after all these years, she wonders Her assimilation still feels incomplete Always treading with care to avoid cultural blunders Afraid that expectations she cannot meet * She knows to avoid those nuances that are shown By new immigrants from her motherland Hyper vigilant not to commit errors unknown Staying quiet if something she doesn’tContinue reading “Outsider”

The life that I have, not the life I want..

We all have the lives we are given To deal with the cards in our hands, but then Fortunately we have also been blessed With the ability to think, imagine and process We are not satisfied with the way things happen to be We want life to fit our imagination, evidently Sometimes some of usContinue reading “The life that I have, not the life I want..”