When I quit…

(My humble attempt to give my imagined voice to an Olympic athlete similar to Simone Biles) Can I just get away from it all? Can I for once just listen to the call Not of shiny medals, nor of the grand prize But just my heart, my soul, my mind- prioritize Myself- relinquish the pressure […]


No preamble No expectations No goal in mind Unknown destination.. Sounds of criticism Unheeded No limits set To be exceeded Just start.. Hardest will be The first step But you’re on your journey After that hurdle Is crossed and behind you The path beckons Heed its call- that’s all you do Just do it again […]

Diversity in Workplace

We work in the same place, yes we do But you’re not me and I’m not you Though at work we would rather be painted With the same brushstroke, the truth is we are tainted With the smear of our backgrounds quite different Our skill sets are the same, our training similar in extent But […]

Cheer me on..

My smartphone is my biggest cheerleader these days It motivates me to do more in so many ways Tracks my progress in multiple spheres Congratulates me with applause and fanfare Whenever I achieve any goal, albeit small When I am slacking I listen to its call My Pacer app measures the steps I take My […]


I come from a different culture, that’s true Is that why I am labeled exotic by you? I am a regular girl, not a Disney princess I do not transform when in ethnic attire I dress * Your culture is exalted, epitomized My culture however, is exoticized When you look for experiences new Indulging in […]

Infinite and finite

Boundless My imagination Relentless My ambition Limitless Dreams of mine Infinitely long The line Of my thoughts Ideas countless Outrageous and real Over which I obsess… ** Infinitesimally small My contribution Insignificant My actions My accomplishments A tiny fraction finite Of my dreams infinite ** I aspire To narrow the difference I desire To fill […]

In search of solutions..

I think of myself as someone Who solves problems as they come In to the issue at hand I immerse Myself headlong, before things get worse I want to find a workable solution Using my knowledge, skills and intuition.. ** I used to think of all problems as simply Challenges to be faced undauntedly I […]

Finding my Tempo Giusto-Part 1. Slow Food

As with many other people around the world, the COVID-19 pandemic brought my whirlwind life to a pause, and led me to re-examine my priorities in life. Sometimes deliberately, sometimes out of necessity, I began to embrace a slower pace of life. This is the first in a series that I plan to write about […]

The Illegible Scrawl of my Life

My reality is not your reality My battles from yours are different too My guilty pleasures, my smoldering tears Do not exist to be judged by you * The script of my life is not your script Our scripts are penned on pages separate Some words, some lines did intersect That’s why we met, as […]