Why do I feel the need to seek permission As if alone I cannot make the decision To curl up in bed, leave chores incomplete Sleep with abandon, no deadlines meet At work, at home, children’s assignments from school Maybe for a day, forget all the rules.. But the idea of loosening up is scary […]


Like a chasm in my heart that stays Open- memories are lodged there, slow to decay The ache trapped inside, forever imprisoned Worse than anything I had envisioned Something snapped broken, that does not mend Making it harder at times to pretend That I am all right, that I have moved on.. When an appendage […]

Am I an Imposter?

The voice of doubt speaks again, am I enough Do I really know all this stuff Did I just get lucky, or is it true That I’m actually competent enough to do Everything that I’m perceived as capable of doing Why are there in my mind doubts brewing About my capability- is it because I […]

Lesson for my son

I know it hurts when you put in effort supreme And yet you are unable to realize your dream The disappointment you feel when you work hard and yet No reward or acknowledgment of your trouble you get You know my child, your parents have gone through this too And while I wish things could […]

The loss of memory…

Having spent years abroad, it was time for my return With my elderly mother, I had visualized a tearful reunion I entered my childhood home, my excitement barely contained How was I to know that my euphoria would soon wane… My mother shuffled to the door to greet me She looked up at me quite […]


The virtues of orderliness have been Impressed upon me forever, therefore I lean Towards striving to tidy up spaces that I inhabit Try to follow Marie Kondo’s advice, but it does not sit Well with my disorderly tendencies innate My stuff rearranges itself in a more entropic state My desk, my room, my thoughts and […]

It’s that simple!

Growing up I had always heard “It’s not that simple”… simple seemed a word That denoted something too ordinary, too crass Complexity was somehow associated with class I was taught to use difficult words to appear erudite To display gravitas, not be perceived a neophyte Whether in art, literature, geometry or science The real meaning […]

Leave work… at work

To cross every T and dot every I Is my goal for each day, and I try My best to leave that pesky inbox Of my work tasks empty, that’s my detox For each day- so that when I leave My workplace, I am able to cleave My life into two separate domains- Work and […]


I love drawing boards And blank slates The places where inspiration awaits Where you can erase the bygones Start afresh with ideas new Without the past hindering you.. ** I love canvases blank Crisp journals with white pages that await Beautiful penmanship coupled with ideas great Or swathes of color splashed in abandon To create […]

Alone with COVID

During the COVID-19 pandemic, most hospitals have been forced to adopt a no-visitation policy for patients to mitigate spread. Additionally, to reduce exposure to staff and to preserve PPE, many healthcare workers are also forced to reduce/limit time spent in patient rooms. Many COVID patients are struggling alone in their rooms. This poem is written […]

New Year Musings..

Not that the beginning of the year follows a pattern Even when we for new beginnings yearn But this year has started on notes so grim Statistics revealing hospitals full to the brim Human suffering raging at levels unprecedented In so many ways has COVID upended The fabric of normal lives worldwide– As we wait […]

Blessing in Disguise..

I hear this on a routine basis in treating patients with chronic illnesses- “Doc, I have good days and bad days.” This post celebrates all those people bearing the burden of chronic illnesses who live each day choosing happiness and gratitude. I recall clearly the day the diagnosis was made That clear memory can never […]