My silver lining as a physician

Some days my work feels thankless Despite my best efforts I confess There are days when nothing goes right Patients don’t get better despite our efforts to fight Their disease together, sometimes they’re upset Then I retrace my steps, sometimes I regret What I did and what I said I should have chosen a different […]

Control in the pandemic

  A self-confessed control freak am I Feeling out of control destabilizes me, I will not lie Just when I thought I had life within my grasp The virus came to engulf the world in its clasp And all my sense of control went spiraling down Suddenly I was surrounded by fear profound… * Like […]

Pandemic FOMO

This pandemic and lockdowns have created an urge To explore creative endeavors, and led to a surge Of people sharing on social media their creations The latest fad is to share your newfound obsessions A sudden plethora of videos and stills Have my social media feeds filled Bored as I am, now the fear of […]

To judgmental folks everywhere…

Judge away for all I care Judge me here while I declare As long as my actions do not affect you Your judging me is a reflection of you To conform to a stereotype, long I have tried Portraying myself as someone I was not inside Yet judgmental remarks never ceased The more I bent, […]

Too late to apologize

I know you are here to eulogize Since you are too late to apologize For all the times you did not hear His silent pleas for help, that were loud and clear In retrospect- twenty-twenty is hindsight You did not realize he was losing the fight To live- in the midst of unprecedented stress Of […]

Lend me an ear..

Hard as it is, I am compelled to say Everything I had managed to keep hidden to this day ** Behind a beguiling smile it was much easier to hide Than to display the tsunami raging inside Who had the time, who would have understood me In a world where perception is considered reality.. Benumbed […]

The Visit

I greet you in my clinic, with a smile behind my mask How are you feeling today, the standard question I ask I focus on the usual, physical complaints I want to ask you something else, but myself I restrain I ask you if you’re exercising, eating right Taking your medications as prescribed Behind your […]

Introvert in the pandemic

  Social distancing is taking its toll On almost everyone, because we all Are social creatures, we thrive On interactions with our tribe.. It is much harder for many of us Who tend to be more gregarious Then there are some, just like me Who want to crawl into obscurity Each time large crowds we […]

Take me home, in the pandemic

(This poem reflects the sentiments of a migrant laborer who is trying to go home amid the lockdown in India.) I know the world is facing a huge crisis, I understand I was educated not in a school but on the streets of this land And on the streets I am left to somehow fend […]

One Day At A Time

The best thing about the future is that it comes one day at a time.” -Abraham Lincoln Had heard all along but never comprehended Take life one day at a time, this advice was intended For people to focus on things they valued each day This felt too sanctimonious to follow, I must say.. Planning […]

Art in the pandemic

Art is not always about pretty things. It’s about who we are, what happened to us, and how our lives are affected. – Elizabeth Broun When fear has become the emotion dominant When uncertainty surrounds us, omnipresent When answers to questions do not exist When on the narrowest sliver of hope we subsist When physical […]