I am an Indian woman.. of

(This poem has references to the stories of Sita from the Indian epic Ramayana, Draupadi from the Indian epic Mahabharata and Rani Padmini, who was a Queen in the modern state of Rajasthan in the 13th century. Most Indians have some familiarity with their stories.)   Sita   I was a goddess supposedly That was […]

Physician, heal thyself

This post deals with depression in physicians (and no, it has nothing to do with me). An estimated 300 physicians die by suicide in the U.S. per year. Physicians who took their lives were less likely to be receiving mental health treatment compared with non- physicians who took their lives even though depression was found to […]

Hyphenated Identity

This piece reflects the dilemma of all the immigrants who have a hyphenated tag to their identity- reflecting their ethnicity and the country they (or their ancestors) immigrated to- eg. Indian-American Have a unique identity, I am told Be your true self, be authentic, be bold But what am I supposed to do When my […]

The Equality Manifesto in a Patriarchal Society

When we talk of patriarchy it’s almost implied It has only affected women worldwide The really short end of the stick they’ve received While men do as they please, so is perceived Now let me frame this in a different way It might be controversial, what I have to say I think men are victims, […]


After driving through the rush hour traffic, I am proud I have managed to make it tonight, to be part of this crowd Until I look around and see that all around me Are mothers well-dressed in all their finery I touch my messy bun from which strands of my hair Have escaped haphazardly, revealing […]

Define me

Let me ask you this question, please do not mind How would you feel if you were defined By what you lack, not what you possess I suspect that might cause you some distress You may have your struggles but you can do so much So many lives you can positively touch Besides, a blow […]

The Amazon is burning

The Amazon is burning, the story is great For headlines sensational, the actual state Of the rainforest concerns but few So many forest fires these days- what is new?   The Amazon is burning- at the hands Of human greed, those forested lands Being useless for business, needed to be cleared And fires are common […]

Trapped by stuff

Traps are not easy to identify…. Once I earned enough money to buy A house, shiny car, some quality stuff I thought that would be enough That counted as success, and being perceived As successful in life was important, I believed It felt good to be able to afford things nice Satisfaction seemed to have […]


How do we, again and again Defy logic, simple and plain How do our brains, self-aggrandized Something so straightforward not realize- That the archaic second amendment Should not over human lives be precedent There is freedom to own any type of gun But living freely under the sun Is no longer a freedom we can […]


Twenty-four hours I have in a day Surely they are plenty for work and play I need to work ten hours, anything less Might make me appear lazy, I confess But what is the point of working all day If work is not followed by evident display Of activities of leisure, that showcase My disposable […]

Silent rage

She screamed silently, yet again At the sexist allusion to her brain Spoken in a tone of condescension Quite clear was the insinuation Her competence was being questioned, without Knowledge of the situation, no doubt Because of her gender… As if being a woman, petite, slender Was enough for a man to discredit Her qualifications, […]

Dilemma and decision

I know the situation is grim, the prognosis not good at all- There is yet another procedure, which gives a chance, albeit small For improvement in your condition, I cannot but offer it to you There is no guarantee it would work, could be harmful too It could give you some longevity, but simultaneously compromise […]