We are taught to be polite, right from childhood There are things we don’t say out loud that we could Because unfiltered thoughts are like cannons loose Therefore our words we must carefully choose Just because someone expresses an opinion different We seldom protest outright in a tone vehement Personal interactions are usually in civility […]

You can do it all..

That idea never entered my mind After all, my life was defined By the mantra, you can do it all Reach the glass ceiling, break every wall.. The idea that this could be a lie The idea that the bar could be set unreasonably high Was outside my sphere of comprehension I would do it […]

Mindful multitasking- an oxymoron

Armed with my oven, instant pot, microwave Three dishes cooking at once- thinking of the time I can save I pat myself on my back, now it is time To listen to a podcast as I chop vegetables fine Trying to learn something new while I cook several meals This is multitasking at its finest, […]

COVID changed my life..

I was afraid, I could not breathe Wrecked by the virus, my insides did seethe Fever, fatigue, cough, and constant fear That the illness could turn more severe In my illness-driven haze I prayed Fervently, dreading deterioration delayed Yet hopeful that I would come out alive And perfectly healthy- wasn’t I just naive… * Of […]

Superwoman in-charge

The socio-economic fallout of the Coronavirus pandemic has been highest on women, who are juggling an ever-increasing burden of responsibilities. The world is in a state of pandemonium She stands erect, as the custodian Of her family, fiercely protective Managing somehow to stay productive Juggling virtual meetings, virtual schooling and more Conjuring new tricks to […]

What’s in a period (.)?

In a world of abbreviated words and letters dropped I realized that inadvertently I had stopped Using the fundamental punctuation tool, the humble period (.) The reasons for this were perhaps myriad- While typing out patient notes detailed I skimped on the number of characters typed, so I would not fail To complete patient charts […]

Poles Apart..

How did we get to all or none? If we don’t agree with each other, we are done Trying to find to the predicament a mutual solution The problem affects both of us, we need resolution But poles apart and sharply polarized we stand Unwilling to even listen to each other, much less understand That […]

Pause for Reflection..

Without reflection, we go blindly on our way, creating more unintended consequences, and failing to achieve anything useful. Margaret J. Wheatley I held up the mirror before me one day To understand what it might have to say To see me hurtling through life as though I were a river that needed to flow.. Propelled […]

Lessons from the pandemic

No one had predicted such an occurrence A catastrophe leading to worldwide sufferance But there are lessons hidden in each calamity The pandemic has delivered a blow to human vanity Our survival instinct that lay dormant Has resurfaced to deal with the torment.. New revelations, new lessons have appeared While we navigate the waters with […]

Truth-or a dressed-up lie?

“Like yin and yang, truth and lies are inseparable, each containing a seed of the other. No words are ever entirely true or entirely untrue.”– Chloe Thurlow Looks like the perfect material has been invented Called truth- In myriad forms it can be presented Bendable, stretchable, moldable by humankind Capable of playing tricks with your […]

Her marriage..

Sometimes life happens to be just that way What really bothers her, she simply cannot say The pain she swallows like a pill, there is no choice Resentment, discontentment are all internalized, they don’t get a voice The moving parts of her marriage are hidden from prying eyes The truth bleeds inside, covered by an […]

Don’t just click away!

I think an unhealthy habit I have acquired Of clicking on icons on my screen, more than required Of course my work demands thousands of clicks each day I can make huge changes to patients’ lives in this way And then there is the mindless browsing of which we all may be In way or […]