Travel theme: Energy

When I saw the title of this challenge, the first image my mind conjured up was of a solo dancer performing the classical Indian dance “Kathak”. It is somewhat similar to flamenco in the energetic foot movements. Unfortunately I have no photographs of any kind of dancer, so I ended up writing this poem. Of course, there are several images later. Enjoy!

Energy seeping from every pore

Penetrating to the core

Infused in each movement precise

Oblivious to the enthralled eyes

Enchanted, in a bewitching trance

Does the passionate dancer dance

Fluid energy flowing through her

Encaptivating the audience in her rapture

As she gains speed to a climactic end

All imperfection she seems to transcend

Every soul in the audience has been affected

By the dance form she has perfected. 

steaming poolHeat energy- Steaming pool at Yellowstone National Park, Wyomingniagara (2)

Water energy and light energy (rainbow), Niagara Falls

rainbowLight energy (rainbow) again- at Lower Falls, Yellowstone National ParkDSC04173Electric energy, Holiday Lights, PhiladelphiaDSC04114Energy of human motion, Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum, San Francisco

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