Travel bans


My six year old and I sat one afternoon

Reading about deserts and sand dunes

My son, a keen learner of geography

Expressed interest in traveling with me

To some countries where sand dunes could be found

To which I replied we could travel all around

The world, and go to any country we fancied-

Seeing deserts and dunes and much more indeed


My son shook his head, quite gravely for a six year old

“No we cannot go to some countries,” he told

Me- and then proceeded to enumerate all nations

That are not completely open to visitation

By citizens of our country, due to ongoing strife

Or diplomatic skirmishes, or danger to life-


That set me thinking, this is an unfortunate reality we face

That despite the world shrinking into a smaller place

Barriers exist to prevent free movement of men

Largely due to differences among our brethren

Based on differences minor in the grand scheme

Of humanity- in an era when we have realized our dream

Of traveling to the moon, the least we can do

Is to have fewer restrictions on travel across boundaries too

As a traveler full of wanderlust, I keep hoping there are no

Borders remaining in the near future, and so

All of us can enjoy the sights the world has to offer

At the hands of arbitrary rules, travelers should not suffer…


Tourist, traveler

“The traveler sees what he sees. The tourist sees what he has come to see.”
G.K. Chesterton


A traveler is what I longed to be

To experience new places, with an open mind see

New landscapes, mingle with people different

From one adventure to another- that’s how I wanted life spent

I wanted to take dusty paths, offbeat

To be in the company of travelers elite

Who explored remote places, had experiences thrilling

I wanted to do that, to take risks I was willing..


But in a pragmatic life, now my vacations

Are far removed from the lofty goals of my imagination-

Pressed for time, with a young child in tow

My expectations have dropped way too low

Instead of being a traveler footloose

A cookie-cutter approach to traveling I now choose

I end up visiting just the major attractions

Anything eclectic is usually an automatic subtraction

With well-planned itineraries laid out months in advance

Discovering a new place is not left to chance

There is no time to wander, no luxury of flexibility

I see places like a tourist in every city

Some day- I tell myself- a traveler I shall be

Until then as a tourist new places I shall continue to see..


Travel theme: Shimmer

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The Shimmer of the Oslo Fjord, Oslo, Norway


The Shimmering Chinese Lanterns, Longwood Gardens, PA


The shimmer of white marble in the sun- Sheikh Zayed mosque, Abu Dhabi, UAE


Shimmering drops of a water fountain, Longwood Gardens, PADSC06330.JPG

The Shimmer of Gold- Emirates Palace Hostel, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge-Entrances-and-Doors

Finding images for this challenge was a pleasant distraction from ad nauseum discussions on US presidential election

Entrance to the Rodin Museum, PhiladelphiaDSC_0769.JPG

Gateway to the Taj Mahal, Agra, Indiadsc06704Entrance to Sheikh Zayed Mosque, Abu Dhabi, UAEDSC06403.JPGEntrance to the Qutab Minar, Delhi, India


Floral entrance to the Conservatory at Longwood Gardens, Kennett Square, PAdsc06964

Gate to the Red Fort, Agra, IndiaDSC06574.JPG

Weekly Photo Challenge- Shine

I shall rise and shine for this challenge, thus-dsc06424

Sheikh Zayed Mosque shining in the moonlight, Abu Dhabi, UAE


Sheikh Zayed mosque again- the marble shining in sunlight




All that glitters is gold? Maybe- in the lobby of the Emirates Palace Hotel, Abu Dhabi, UAE


The sun shining over Lake Thingvellir, Iceland


Evening sun- Embarcadero, San Diego, CA


Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge – October 19, 2016


The path laid down by the king Christian IV with his gloved hand- this is where the city of Oslo (Christiania), Norway was founded


The wonders of yesteryears- path leading to Qutub Minar, Delhi, India


Walk in royal (Mughal) style- Red Fort, Agra, the seat of Mughal rulers of India


The corridors of Sheikh Zayed Mosque, Abu Dhabi, UAE