DSC04592I searched my soul for replies

Related to my lukewarm ties

To the people all around me

I could not bond completely

With them like they did with each other

I felt relationships were like a tether

That would root me down to the ground

When I just wanted to fly all around

Like a fish out of water I felt constantly

Whenever I was in company-

I thought it was strange to feel awkward

These feelings of mine were quite absurd..

My soul then whispered, in a voice so low

You like solitude, alone you can go

To places that you are destined to find

Places that need a solitary, focused mind

So preference for solitude, my friend, it’s true

Is just the right frame of mind for you.

So reassured, I  went on my way

With my company to guide me the whole day. 

Published by iheart11

A 30-something year old woman, physician by profession, fiercely passionate about work, family, travel and fashion..

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