InspirationalQuotes.Club-well-spent-day-happy-sleep-sleep-happiness-life-inspirational-Leonardo-da-VinciIf I could ask for one wish to be granted

I would choose the gift of peaceful sleep

For in doing so, I would lose all unwanted

Demons hiding in my soul’s recesses deep..

If I could lay my head on the pillow each night

And close my eyes in blissful contentment

Forgive every unpleasant remark, every slight

Let ooze out of my pores all traces of resentment. 

Let sleep, the master seducer preside over me

And in to my marrow, inject some languor

Such that the evil around me I can no longer see

And I fall into a peaceful, dreamless stupor.


For sleep is the gift of a content mind

Meant exclusively for rejuvenation

To repair human beings, sleep was designed

It is the purest form of meditation..

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