Time management

Time-Management1Time management seems to be a skill
That I have not learnt, probably never will
Twenty-four hours in a day are not enough
To do everything, deal with all the stuff
That is part of my life as a mother and a professional
A schedule I try to follow, but the results are dismal
Every task on my list takes longer than I anticipate
And at the end of the day I am running late
I try to make up by compromising on precious sleep
Eventually for sleep debt I pay a price steep
As inefficiency creeps in throughout the week
The prospect of time management appears more bleak..
Taking a look at my schedule with a critical eye
There were a few things I did identify
My plan for each day was far too ambitious
Leaving no space for things to be ambiguous
I needed to shave off a few tasks on my plate
So I could accommodate the rest even when running late
Next I took stock of the amount of time spent
In looking through social media feeds of my friends
It was a LOT, even though my estimation was conservative
Draining time in cyberspace, I had little time to live
Out my life in the real world, do things that were required
Suddenly to delete my Facebook account I was inspired
(Thinking it through, I did not act on this impulse,
But over time, to social media I’ve become somewhat averse)
Next I realized that I was making futile attempts to
Multi-task, making it fairly impossible to do
Even one task efficiently, thus running behind-
I had to get the superwoman mentality out of my mind
Now that I have been able to identify
All these lacunae, let’s see if I can apply
These solutions that are simple enough, I think….
Well…while writing this verse time flew by in a blink
So I need to rush again pretty much the same way
As I’ve been doing; hoping there will be a day
When I am somewhat better at time management
I shall post my success here, in that event…

Published by iheart11

A 30-something year old woman, physician by profession, fiercely passionate about work, family, travel and fashion..

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