Wordy dreams

imageThe other day I realized how
It is possible to fulfill childhood fantasies now
With the world wide web being a platform
To display your talents in every form
When I was young I would try to design
A magazine full of stories conjured by my imaginative mind
Complete with illustrations, all drawn by me
That was how I indulged my childhood creativity
In the world of today I have partially satisfied
My youthful craving, in writing this blog I have tried
To create my own “magazine”, illustrated and written by me
It is amazing how the web lets me be free
To write what I want and share it with the world
Without having someone review or edit my words
No longer do I need to keep my ideas hidden
On my desk, anyone can see what I have written
I can leave my work open to criticism and (hopefully) praise
And learn constantly, revise my mistakes

While it is easy to publicize one’s writing today
It is also quite easy to get carried away
By one’s imagination, projecting oneself as a writer
From such a grandiose idea, I’d like to steer clear
I write to quench my restlessness
Tangled thoughts in my brain I like to express
That does not make me a writer, myself I remind
Though it satiates partially a deep-seated longing in my mind
To create something beautiful one day
Through my words, have something original to say
In a world full of myriad voices and words countless
I dream of my voice standing out, I do confess.

Published by iheart11

A 30-something year old woman, physician by profession, fiercely passionate about work, family, travel and fashion..

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