I, Ganga

Ganga is the life-blood of India, venerated as a goddess, but shares the dubious distinction of being the sixth most polluted river in the world).

I originated on Earth, deep in the high mountains,

You concocted that I had from heavens descended

I surged ahead, through hills, valleys, plains

To the eastern sea- in the subcontinent I subtended

An area vast, nourishing forests and pastures green

You settled on my banks in your earthly pursuits-

Through the history of this nation,  I have been

A silent witness while you have enjoyed my fruits

From birth to death and everywhere in between

At  fairs, festivals, weddings- my name is invoked

You lighten your burdens, consider yourself clean

Of your sins- once your body in my folds has soaked…


You built me up from the start, my status was elevated

To a goddess at times, at times a mother

I believe with all this respect I should be elated

For I hold a distinction unlike any other

River, lake, sea, mountain on this earth

Yet I have a grievance I need to air-

Of complaints I have heard, there’s been no dearth

So I should say something, it is only fair…


I have been soiled, polluted, desecrated

Increasingly by you, over the years

Even though my name is venerated, 

My waters are not, I fear..

I have given life, but life is being drained

Out of me slowly- I am forced to mourn

The loss of fauna that I have sustained

In my waters, the flora that I have borne

You invoke my name, yet you know

My waters for consumption are not pure

You take a dip in my waters that flow

But why do you expect salvation any more?

Sullied by your ambition, tainted by greed

Tormented  by your indifference am I-

I continue to provide redemption to those in need

Setting souls free, swallowing mortal remains when you die..

Published by iheart11

A 30-something year old woman, physician by profession, fiercely passionate about work, family, travel and fashion..

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