The beautiful female protagonist







As an avid reader, there is something I have found

That continues to bother me, in a way quite profound-

The female lead in nearly every story

Is a beautiful woman, no matter who she might be

She might have qualities in every realm, but still

She is usually portrayed as having looks that can kill

What, I wonder, compels writers to create

A character to whom not many of us can relate?


Maybe when stories people conjure

Beauty has an irresistible allure

And for the qualities of a  female protagonist

Beauty appears to top the list

A female version of Quasimodo

Does not exist as far as I know


Even when her other virtues are celebrated

Physical beauty remains a quality elevated

Is it a natural instinct for humans to mold

Women as characters whose beauty can be extolled?

Or is it the influence of social conditioning deep-seated

That beauty as a norm is endlessly repeated?


There are many ways in which beauty can be defined

For me, I celebrate the beauty of a woman’s mind..


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