Ray of Light

Sometimes it takes a crisis to reveal

What you have painfully suppressed, you no longer feel

I had made loneliness my companion

I did not care if I was shunned

By neighbors, distant relatives, and such

I had convinced myself that I did not need people much

Of course I did not have a stellar reputation

I was a cranky old woman, I tell you without hesitation

When the COVID crisis hit, we went into lockdown

I thought I could manage, without help around

But an old woman like me has unforeseen needs

I did find it difficult to solve problems online indeed

Still, I was determined to prove that I could survive

On my own, without venturing out, or being able to drive


One day I heard a persistent knock on the door

Annoyed, I opened it to see someone I had not met before

A young woman (in her twenties) started to ask

Me a question- I interrupted, telling her to adjust her mask

I was irritated, I disdainfully thought

The basics of COVID prevention these youngsters knew not

She apologized, saying senior citizens she was trying to assist

In running errands, buying groceries so they could subsist

During these trying times- but of course I sent her away

Undeterred, however, she returned another day

This time her mask was in its proper place

And she carefully maintained six foot space

She asked even more politely if something she could get for me

I was down to last rations, so quite reluctantly

I handed her a list of things that I required

I did not know that day, but a lifeline I had acquired


She quickly became a frequent visitor and I found

Myself waiting eagerly for her to come around

We became friends despite four decades between us

I had help that I needed, her companionship was a plus

She could not travel back to her parents either

And I sort of became her Godmother


The pandemic hit people hard, and unfortunately

She lost her job, with no option she could see

To stay in this city- back to her parents she went

Leaving behind fond memories of the time together we spent

Months later, we keep in regular touch

From each other we still learn much

The pandemic is ugly but this was the spark

I needed, a ray of light in the dark!

Published by iheart11

A 30-something year old woman, physician by profession, fiercely passionate about work, family, travel and fashion..

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