Blessing in Disguise..

I hear this on a routine basis in treating patients with chronic illnesses- “Doc, I have good days and bad days.” This post celebrates all those people bearing the burden of chronic illnesses who live each day choosing happiness and gratitude.

I recall clearly the day the diagnosis was made

That clear memory can never fade

It was a divisive event, of the kind binary

That divides into before and after your life trajectory

Being diagnosed with a chronic illness at first appeared

A realization of my worst fears

It felt like a life sentence, I won’t lie

Like my wings were clipped while soaring high

After the initial shock there were some relief

For months, unexplained symptoms had given me grief

Now my illness had a name and I could start

The process of healing, in my body, mind and heart..


You might think I’m deliberately trying to be

Positive in my outlook, show that I am happy

When I say that the illness has been a blessing in disguise

While aging my body, it has also made me wise

You know, with a chronic illness you wake up each day

Not knowing the curveballs that might come your way

Good days and bad days there always are

So you keep your expectations subpar

Reminding you to treat yourself with kindness

On days that are bad, take the opportunity to rest

While good days are to be celebrated

By accomplishing tasks and being elated

At the high energy levels that endorphins release

Knowing they wouldn’t last, though time you’d rather freeze


And when you see-saw between pain and its absence

You tend to view the world through a different lens

You cultivate gratitude- for things could be worse

If not a blessing, it’s not really a curse

Because what does not kill you, actually

Makes you stronger- I wholeheartedly agree

When perspective shifts and expectations are lowered

Happiness and contentment result, take my word..

Published by iheart11

A 30-something year old woman, physician by profession, fiercely passionate about work, family, travel and fashion..

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