Two faces..

You thought there was just one of you

The version that was authentic and true

To your soul, reflecting your values core..

How come you did not realize before

That you have two faces, two sides

The tongue-in-cheek, irreverent one, that’s hidden inside

And the other- the public one coated with a veneer

Of propriety and grace, the one that always appears

In social interactions, the one that presents a sanitized view

Of your behavior, the one that does not ring true..

The true face of you stays under wraps

To be revealed in exceptional circumstances perhaps…


Your true face showcases your nonconformist aspect

Makes people uncomfortable as they reflect

On their true and coated selves, because most of us seem to

Carry versions of ourselves at least two

A necessary evil this seems to be

To maintain social order and harmony

Yet all of us crave that safe place where we can be

Our authentic selves, without fear, unapologetically

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