Who wrote history?

To learn about your people, history you should read

This is what I had heard all along indeed

Diligently I read all textbooks in history assigned

That the content could be anything but gospel truth never crossed my mind


I must say I’m embarrassed to state

That after all these years, of late

I’ve begun to question, begun to doubt

The veracity of everything I’d read throughout..


Those who wield the pen of historic strokes belong

To the group in power, the group that is strong

The victor’s point of view is reflected in history that’s written

The voice of the oppressed remains from the world hidden..


My people were colonized, therefore

Once I realized this I could not be sure

Whether the history I read was an accurate representation

Of events as they happened, or was there some fabrication?


Yes, many of my ancestors recorded their history too

I try to read their work but it’s true

That in regional languages I cannot read

I read translations in the colonizer’s language indeed!


Though we live in a post-colonial era, we are

Steeped in a colonial mindset so far

It is time to cast off the myth of colonial supremacy

Our authentic history with a fresh perspective see


Let me learn history the right way

The powerful and the rich have always had a say

Let me now find stories of those who were colonized…

Bring forth the voices of those who went unrecognized

Published by iheart11

A 30-something year old woman, physician by profession, fiercely passionate about work, family, travel and fashion..

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