NaBloPoMo 2021

I want to love the things I possess

They stand as testaments to my success

To work hard and earn, every day I strive

I’m grateful to the powers above that I thrive

I know that I have more than enough

Yet I feel compelled to buy more stuff

As new and shiny objects I obtain

I add more things on my list to maintain

Sometimes the distinction is unclear, you see

Whether I own my stuff or my stuff owns me

On my limited time it encroaches, it’s true

Keeping things in order takes energy too

Time and energy that could be better spent by me

On work, with family, or exploring my creativity

Instead I use my free hours to declutter and arrange

Obscene amounts of stuff, it almost seems strange

That all the gadgets and stuff equated with affluence

Need delicate handling and careful maintenance

If I had less possessions to preserve

My energy for social interactions I could conserve


I heard something that gave me an epiphany

“Use objects, love people” resonated with me

Material possessions are means to an end

If they occupy time that I was meant to spend

With family, friends, pets, colleagues, and more

I need to evaluate my priorities to the core

I shall start with curbing the urge

To buy more, and then I shall purge

My home, my social media accounts and my mind

Of extraneous stuff, to the hazards of which I was blind

Published by iheart11

A 30-something year old woman, physician by profession, fiercely passionate about work, family, travel and fashion..

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