Homecoming for my soul

I floated through life unmoored, my soul,

Fragmented, broken, in a quest to be whole,

Restless and weary, tried to traverse

The length and breadth of the universe

Looking for succor through experiences

Variegated, trying to appease my senses

My perturbed soul made me explore

Unfamiliar music, food, languages and more

Trying to find solace in exploits new

Thinking that knowledge would come to my rescue

While novel experiences my intellectual appetite satiated

The disquietude of my soul never abated


The eureka moments in life happen

I believe, in serendipitous fashion

As happened on a perfectly ordinary day

When I chanced upon a temple on my way

Where I heard Vedic chants, I was mesmerized

I walked inside the prayer hall, my mind hypnotized

From my roots somehow far I had strayed

In ritualistic ways, for years I had not prayed

But a deep-seated memory came to the surface

And I chanted along, syllables and words falling into place

A sense of calm descended over me as we progressed

My soul no longer appeared as distressed..

In the midst of rapturous chanting I had an epiphany

“You’ve returned home,” my soul whispered to me


The answer for which I had searched low and high

Was in the spiritual tradition of my past, before my eye

Published by iheart11

A 30-something year old woman, physician by profession, fiercely passionate about work, family, travel and fashion..

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