Life after grief

This poem is an attempt to give voice to millions grieving this year- where tragedy had struck as a result of the pandemic and other disasters.

Lost in the meandering labyrinth of grief

Trying hard not to lose faith, to restore belief

In life, in luck, in hope that something would be

Back to a semblance, or at least a mirage of normalcy

She tried to get through the blur of days

Sorrow clouded her vision, in a perpetual haze

She took steps, some forward, most sideways

She felt herself floundering in a maze..

Praying, bargaining with God, searching for a sign

To indicate the direction forward, was it part of cosmic design

For her to get lost inexorably in this way

She could not perpetually in this state stay..

Friends and family had expressed condolences and left

She knew there was nothing more from anyone she could expect

She had not expected the grief of her loss to be

So profound, and all-consuming as it was shaping to be..


Her child, subdued by the transformation

In his mother, and his home, approached her with hesitation

Despite his young age he had by now realized

His mother was different, he did recognize

That a chasm that did not exist before

Now separated them, its width increasing more..

Yet he tried again, not knowing what to do

Expecting her to ignore him again, too

For the first time, however, she focused her eyes

On her precious child since the tragedy, to his surprise

As the sadness and maturity in his eyes she perceived

The sign she was waiting for, she realized she had received

The purpose in life she was waiting for in suspended animation

Was right before her, that moment marked a transformation

In her state of mind, she stood up, with motivation renewed

Her stance now a sense of purpose did exude

The child realized it too, together they decided

They would be a team, stand before the world united


The path through tragedy and grief is different for everyone

Eventually each time human resilience has won

So it was for the mother and son

A new life past their grief had now begun…

Published by iheart11

A 30-something year old woman, physician by profession, fiercely passionate about work, family, travel and fashion..

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