The exhausting break from work…

I have been working nonstop at my desk and I need

A short break, a distraction, so I check my social media feed

Photographs, rants, discussions on relevant topics as well

I take in, then return to work, but my mind still dwells

On the content I have mindlessly ingested

Sucked into stuff in which I’m not even interested

Unwittingly I start comparing others’ highlights

With my behind-the-scenes life, I try to fight

The urge to add my comments to a polarized discussion

On which I should waste time none

But I have an opinion that I feel compelled to share

It is eating into my productive time at work, I’m aware

So I type a short comment, unable to restrain

My wandering mind from adding to the refrain

Then I realize I should go back and wish an acquaintance

A happy birthday, to record in her life my presence

What started as a five minute break has now

Stretched to occupy over twenty minutes of my time somehow


Wouldn’t it have been much better for me

To leave my phone untouched entirely

On my short break- I should have cleared my mind

By taking a brisk walk, where I would find

A way to refresh and recharge my brain

Instead of being bombarded again

By useless information that exhausts me at the end

That it serves any purpose at all, I can’t even pretend..


Tomorrow I resolve to not look at my phone

I shall spend my short break “alone”

With my thoughts, more mindfully I shall consume

Social media content, and with a refreshed mind, my work resume

Published by iheart11

A 30-something year old woman, physician by profession, fiercely passionate about work, family, travel and fashion..

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