To save my child…

Trigger warning- this is a painful poem that describes the anguish of a parent who needs to give consent for a life-saving procedure for her child, something like a transplant, that is the child’s only chance to live, but comes with a long list of potential complications.

In a meeting room with walls that are bare

I sit, wringing my hands anxiously, aware

That as parents we are expected to pay attention

To take notes for reference, ask questions

But I am a nervous wreck as with my husband I wait

To be explained the life-saving procedure to change our child’s fate

This is the process of informed consent that we must go through

It suggests we have a choice but I don’t think we really do


The team before us seems well-versed in their spiel

Although the tone suggests the procedure is not a big deal

They go through major, sometimes life-threatening complications

In much detail, as I try to absorb the implications

Of undergoing this procedure- I wonder how other parents

After hearing these details are able to give consent

When so many things can go wrong, how do you choose

What is supposedly life-saving, when life you can almost lose

Especially for your child, how do you make this decision

How would you forgive yourself if there arose a serious complication…


As the information session comes to a conclusion

One message rings clear through this confusion

We are caught between a rock and a hard place

We cannot wish the disease away, we have to face

The reality that the choice is between death and a chance to live

And what parent on this planet would not that chance give

To their precious child, so our decision is made

We sign the consent and prepare to wade

In turbulent waters for the future foreseeable

We have to get through a challenge formidable


All the complications that in the realm of possibility reside

I clear from my head, I hope luck shall be on our side

I concentrate only on the procedure’s benefit and pray

That my child shall live to see many, many more days

Published by iheart11

A 30-something year old woman, physician by profession, fiercely passionate about work, family, travel and fashion..

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