Doc, am I doing well?

In all these years of being a physician

Striving for better communication

With patients each time they were seen

I am embarrassed that unaware I had been

Of the power of genuine praise-

That can a patient’s spirits raise

Give a positive spin of motivation..

To their anxiety and apprehension


I would start my patients on medications

And provide them lifestyle education

When patients with positive results would present

I would view it as the effect of appropriate treatment

While bad news I would deliver with utmost care

Good news in a matter-of-fact way I would share

I had no idea how my patients yearned to be

Applauded for their efforts by me..


As luck would have it, in a reversal profound

In the role of a patient myself I have found

When I see my physicians I confess

A lot of resources I have already accessed

Thus test results and what they mean

Before seeing my physician, I’ve already seen

I channel the most disciplined part of me

Into taking care of my health actually

I know that my disease I’m managing well

There is nothing new for my doctor to tell..

Yet I realized recently, to my surprise

That being a “good” patient in my doctor’s eyes

Actually felt good, I felt that the efforts made by me

Were being validated, being recognized finally..


As a doctor, this has been a revelation for me

My words have influence beyond that I can see

My praise can positive reinforcement provide

To motivate patients and make them take pride

In improving or maintaining their health actively

To bring about the change that I wish to see


There are things that you never realize

Until you find yourself on the other side

Of the situation, only then you can place

Yourself in the shoes of the person- you face

The scenario from their point of view

It is a moment of revelation, of growth for you…

Published by iheart11

A 30-something year old woman, physician by profession, fiercely passionate about work, family, travel and fashion..

One thought on “Doc, am I doing well?

  1. Mmmm, yes. Recently I also got to be a patient, and did not expect to feel as comforted as I did by just being cared for by colleagues. For once I did not have to have all the answers; I could ask for and receive advice and caring. How lovely.

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