Anger is the Elephant in the Room

This is a deeply personal issue that is coming up increasingly- as a society we are angrier in the aftermath of the pandemic and rising inflation, and being vulnerable as a patient can trigger anger directed towards health care providers, which adds a layer of complexity to the patient’s relationship with his/ her care team

Why are you so angry at me?


I am in a place where I may

Be able to help you in some way

As a trained professional equipped am I

To help alleviate your suffering, then why

Do you not give me a chance to explain

To you the disease that’s causing your pain

You are frustrated, I understand

By your illness, things seem out of your hands

Your life is dominated by your disease

You cannot do anything as and when you please

But why is your anger directed at me

That I am on your side, why can’t you see?


You know when I suggest a form of treatment

I am basing it on my professional judgment

Why do you assume there is a vested interest

I want to work with you to find the treatment that best

Fits your unique situation, your unique constellation

Of symptoms of the disease that cause you consternation

Unfortunately your lifestyle choices that your health affect

Need to be discussed, with due respect


Unfortunately anger turns out to be obstructive

In the path of finding a solution constructive

Anger brings an element of mistrust

To our relationship, and both of us must

First address that elephant in the room

Let all hidden frustrations be exhumed


While you are trying to grapple with your anger, I

Am learning the art of patience, I would not lie,

I have to give you the space that you need

Before I give up on our professional relationship indeed

Cognitively I understand that your anger here

May be directed more at your illness, but I do fear

That in my role as a physician I have failed

I admit that albeit briefly, I let self-doubt prevail


I hope your anger shall eventually dissipate

And together a treatment plan we shall formulate

Published by iheart11

A 30-something year old woman, physician by profession, fiercely passionate about work, family, travel and fashion..

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