I broke my principles…

I did not know what was at stake

I did not know how much would break

When I bent my principles, thinking it would be

The first and the last time for me

It was an exceptional circumstances, I explained away

The rationale to myself that particular day…

I did not realize that sinister the consequence would be

The thrill of doing something slightly wrong energized me

From there it was a slope increasingly slippery

I bent, then broke, my principles repeatedly..

My conscience grumbled but was ignored

Until I could feel hesitation no more…


My principles I broke, and here I am today

A broken human being, I have lost my way

The path of dishonesty that I ended up taking

Has destroyed me, led me to this hell of my making

The steps back to a principled life are steep

But I can only climb up, from this trench deep..

Published by iheart11

A 30-something year old woman, physician by profession, fiercely passionate about work, family, travel and fashion..

2 thoughts on “I broke my principles…

  1. Yikes. This one is sharp. I hope you write vicariously, but if not, I stand with you. It’s really hard to acknowledge/admit when we have compromised our principles; the slope is slippery, indeed. And, it is never too late to recover. Some outward damage is irreversible, some relationships irreparable. And still, the best thing we can do is learn from past mistakes, commit to doing better, and keep going. Peace to you.

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    1. Thankfully I am writing vicariously. I often get my ideas from books and this was based on a fictional character. I make a lot of mistakes but I do try to stand by my principles.. and I am not broken either..

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