A Whole Person

How many things and how many people do I need

In my life so that I can be considered complete?

As I transition into an adult independent

You say looking for my better half should be my intent

Then comes motherhood which is supposed to complete

Me as a woman, what can the joy of having a child beat

After all, but then if taking care of children is all I do

You expect me to find a career that fulfills me too..

If I fall short of any of these expectations

If I fail to live up to societal obligations

Am I then a woman incomplete or inadequate?

This is precisely the insinuation that makes me upset…


I’m not trying to rebel, and these expectations alone

Are each perfectly reasonable on their own

The idea that irks me is that of being incomplete

Until these arbitrary milestones I have claimed as a feat

So what if I do not find a partner

Or do not want to or cannot be a mother

Or cannot establish a career that fulfills me

Does that mean I do not get to be

A whole person, as if I am part of a jigsaw puzzle after all

Looking for other pieces to fit my edges, so I can call

Myself perfect, complete, checking all boxes indeed

I am a whole person, why do appendages I need?


I am a whole person, and I need around me

People who feel complete themselves, and can see

Me as the person I am, with my strength and weakness

Grow themselves and allow me to grow in the process..

Published by iheart11

A 30-something year old woman, physician by profession, fiercely passionate about work, family, travel and fashion..

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