Quiet Quitting

When did the enthusiasm he had at his workplace

Shrivel up, wither away, get replaced

By a gradually spreading cloud of indifference

In a job that used to give him satisfaction immense

When projects were completed, deadlines were met

When he used to surpass all the goals he had set

When every new opportunity seemed like progress

To advance his career, climb the ladder of success…


He had thought nothing could interrupt

His ascent, who knew the pandemic would disrupt

The status quo, and though a lot he gave

To his organization in order to save

It from sinking during times that were tough

The bean counters did not think it was enough

Citing huge losses in the financial sphere

His targets were raised to the stratosphere

While his incentives were slashed too

With dwindling resources he was asked to make do

He found himself burdened with responsibilities more

As staffing was cut, or employees quit, unable to endure

Working for an organization where they were not

Valued; their well-being never given a thought


He had invested so much of himself in this company

To leave it during a rough patch seemed like travesty

He thought things would eventually improve

He would get recognition, his career upwards would move

Instead, the strings were further tightened

In every direction he was forced to extend

Until each project felt like a liability

To get rid of, he experienced an inability

To show initiative, to innovate and excel

He would do his job well enough, but not too well..


He has not jumped ship, he has not quit

His organization, but gradually, bit by bit

His investment in his work has gone down

His eager smile replaced by a perpetual frown

He does everything that is needed but does not go

Above and beyond, now he does know

That the organization is unlikely to recognize

Any extra effort, so he no longed tries…

Published by iheart11

A 30-something year old woman, physician by profession, fiercely passionate about work, family, travel and fashion..

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