Don’t be a man…

I observed male mentors closely throughout

How they commanded respect, had clout

From the moment they walked into a room

I would imitate them, thinking one day I would bloom

Into a successful professional, I would project

The same confidence, get the same respect

From my team members and peers

I would never let anyone notice my fears..


It did not take me long to realize things would not

Work out in my career the way I had thought

The confidence that was perceived in men as a trait positive

Was perceived as bossiness, I was deemed too aggressive

My assertiveness was challenged at every stage

Such differences initially left me outraged

Until I realized that irrespective of reasons I could not be

Like the successful men, nor did I need necessarily

To emulate them, I had to carve a path of my own

Using my strengths, some of which could be attributed alone

To my being a woman, to be successful I had to use

Different sets of tools, much I could lose

In trying to be “like the men”- I had to find

Success using my (woman’s) heart and mind

Published by iheart11

A 30-something year old woman, physician by profession, fiercely passionate about work, family, travel and fashion..

One thought on “Don’t be a man…

  1. Annoying and empowering at the same time. We all have traditionally perceived masculine and feminine traits, and a good balance of both is always required for optimal leadership and interpersonal success. It’s just that overtly ‘feminine’ traits are discouraged in men, and ‘masculine’ the same in women. *sigh* soooooo exasperatingly outdated, this stagnant status quo! I won’t say ‘burn it down,’ but seriously, we need to break it open and release the best of us all. Enough with the stiflig already!

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