Random thoughts…

It’s difficult to stick to one theme today, so I am just stringing together some random stuff:

  • Love random statues scattered throughout the city parks…when I can, I do stop by to read what they are about, and it is usually some interesting historic tidbit (not surprising since I live in Philadelphia, where history of the US was made), but sometimes there are oddballs…check these out:Pankration-wrestling and boxingwrestlingthree boysI did not take a picture of the signboard here, but this was made for a wedding apparently…
  • I never used to cry while watching Bollywood tear-jerkers up until recently, but now I have tears streaming down my face while watching sentimental cliched scenes from the 90s movies  (even when I’m watching DDLJ or Kuch Kuch Hota Hai {names of superhit Bollywood movies} for the nth time)…I think it’s because I no longer have an image to maintain…I can better accept how inconsequential stuff like Bollywood movies affects me (not to mention that mostly I watch these movies alone now). Crying-picturememespp.com
  • I love being high up…as in the air, or on top of a hill, or a building, and looking down..While many people are afraid of heights, I get a kick out of being high up. Needless to say, I take pictures when I am up there…hot air balloon                             Philadelphia seen from a hot air balloonlake tahoe                                             Lake Tahoe from 10,000 feetBellagio fountains                        Fountains at Bellagio, Las Vegas seen from above
  • As a child, I read a Ukrainian folk tale where a king asks a clever girl to name the sweetest thing for all human beings, and she replies “Sleep”. The king is duly impressed. Now when I was young, I never understood it…why would sleep be the sweetest thing in the world?

Fast forward couple of years….now, going through year after year of training as a physician, having a child, and having experienced pain and anxiety, all of which lead to sleep deprivation, I finally realize the wisdom of this answer…



Of course, I am talking about sleep because it is Sunday night, and I cannot afford to wake up sleep-deprived!

Au revoir!

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A 30-something year old woman, physician by profession, fiercely passionate about work, family, travel and fashion..

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