Announcement- new blog- The Circle of My Life

My precious readers and dear friends I have expanded my blogosphere presence Bored of writing in verse and eager to share   With you my life and things about which I care I have started a new blog, and would like to invite You all to stop by, comment or give me insight is the […]

Far from the madding crowd…

“I never found a companion that was so companionable as solitude.”- Henry David ThoreauMost days of my life I am defined By the roles I play, my path is aligned  With my family, co-workers and patients They are the ones that give me a sense Of belonging, of merging seamlessly Into the multi-layered structure of the society I […]

Ikigai (reason for being)

For centuries has mankind Tried its best to find A life prolonging elixir Human beings have lived in fear Of death, disability, growing old A long life is more valuable than gold While modern medicine has allowed People to live longer without a doubt There might be something much simpler That adds years to life […]

Fernweh (wanderlust)

I remember quite fondly My first lesson in geography When to a map I was introduced A fierce curiosity it had induced Within me to identify places new I wanted to explore those places too   Seven continents and oceans five On the map my dreams came alive Places with names unpronounceable I took them all […]


I am restless day in day out There doesn’t seem much I can do about My wandering mind, my disquiet soul I go about searching for my role In this world, I am trying to find Somehow, what is it that I am destined To contribute to the world around me What is it that […]

Playing Dress-up

Standing before the mirror and playing Dress-up, all the while silently praying For no interruptions from my spouse and son They are in the family room playing games, having fun While this is my guilty pleasure, where I try Every permutation and combination under the sky Of pieces in my wardrobe, jewelry in my closet […]

Roots and wings

There are two lasting bequests we can give our children-roots and wings. – Hodding Carter My wide-eyed child I regale With a folk song and a tale From a bygone century Set in an unfamiliar co… Source: Roots and wings


A desert is a place without expectation. NADINE GORDIMER, Telling Times   Stark, limitless, unforgiving Harsh, austere, terrorizing Marked by crystal silence Life declaring its presence In the… Source: Desert

Queen of Procrastination

I have not dabbled in many arts Let alone mastered a few But I do confess with a heavy heart The skill that I always knew The one that comes naturally to me Is something that makes me uncomfortable A carefully hidden skill that you might not see Procrastinating is something that I am able To do […]

Ode to a saree

(Image:Raja Ravi Verma’s painting- Shakuntala stops to look back) (source-wikipedia) Six yards of intricately woven design The epitome of Indian woman define A bewitching piece of fabric like no other A saree is more than an attire for cover- Woven into its unique aesthetic pattern Is a stupendous wealth of information The thread, the weave, the […]

An idea

He had an idea quite unconventional In a conservative environment, quite radical Ridiculed by all, projected to be A colossal failure, most certainly His family and friends expressed great concern Over his maverick ways, certain he would burn All of his meager savings in a flash Foolish it was to drown in this way his […]

My sanctuary

As I observe my child engrossed In playing with his toys, completely lost In his own world, inventing stories That he narrates to himself, without any worries He is quite oblivious of his creativity While I, proud as only a mother could be Marvel at him, then travel back in time To when such creative pursuits […]