Announcement- new blog- The Circle of My Life

My precious readers and dear friends I have expanded my blogosphere presence Bored of writing in verse and eager to share   With you my life and things about which I care I have started a new blog, and would like to invite You all to stop by, comment or give me insight is theContinue reading “Announcement- new blog- The Circle of My Life”

Far from the madding crowd…

“I never found a companion that was so companionable as solitude.”- Henry David ThoreauMost days of my life I am defined By the roles I play, my path is aligned  With my family, co-workers and patients They are the ones that give me a sense Of belonging, of merging seamlessly Into the multi-layered structure of the society IContinue reading “Far from the madding crowd…”

Ikigai (reason for being)

For centuries has mankind Tried its best to find A life prolonging elixir Human beings have lived in fear Of death, disability, growing old A long life is more valuable than gold While modern medicine has allowed People to live longer without a doubt There might be something much simpler That adds years to lifeContinue reading “Ikigai (reason for being)”

Fernweh (wanderlust)

I remember quite fondly My first lesson in geography When to a map I was introduced A fierce curiosity it had induced Within me to identify places new I wanted to explore those places too   Seven continents and oceans five On the map my dreams came alive Places with names unpronounceable I took them allContinue reading “Fernweh (wanderlust)”

Ode to a saree

(Image:Raja Ravi Verma’s painting- Shakuntala stops to look back) (source-wikipedia) Six yards of intricately woven design The epitome of Indian woman define A bewitching piece of fabric like no other A saree is more than an attire for cover- Woven into its unique aesthetic pattern Is a stupendous wealth of information The thread, the weave, theContinue reading “Ode to a saree”