Mother-in-law’s cushion

I read about this phrase today, and just had to write a blog post about it…read on..

This refers to the humble cactus plant and no prizes for guessing why it is named so….it has thick succulent leaves (cushion) but peppered with thorns!

Personally I am fascinated with cacti, especially the tall Saguaro cacti from Arizona that are more like armed pillars. Also, I am too lazy to water potted plants, so cacti are perfect for me to add some greenery to my living space.

Here’s some more on cacti:

  • In Native American culture, cactus stands for endurance and bravery. It is also symbolic of maternal love -takes very little (water) from the earth, stores vast reserves of water (love) in its succulent body, is fiercely protective of its parts (family), and will lash out at anyone (thorns) who jeopardizes its existence.
  • According to legend, Aztec Indians established the capital of their empire founded the capital of their empire on a spot here they saw an eagle perched on top of a large cactus.  The scene has now been captured in the flag of Mexico.
  • Many cacti are now on the endangered list.
  • Cacti make great gifts for someone going through a hard time, as a symbol of endurance.
  • You cannot feed a cactus too much water…you’d end up killing it!

P.S. Now of course I have a few images for your viewing pleasure!

The first 4 photographs are from Berkeley Botanical Gardens. cacticactus2Saguaro cactus cactuscauliflowercactus leavesYellow and green cactus leaves- Horticultural Center in Fairmount Park, Philadelphia, Pennsylvaniagetty centerCacti at the Getty Center, Los Angeles, Californiamexican flagFloral arrangement of Mexican flag at Caesar’s Palace Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada

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5 thoughts on “Mother-in-law’s cushion

  1. All throughout the post, I could not stop thinking about the title. When I read the last statement, “You cannot feed a cactus too much water…you’d end up killing it!”, I ended up relating it to mother-in-law. A good read 🙂


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