The travel bug

I love traveling…the thrill of being in a new place is unlike other. I don’t mind if I cannot go far, I even love being a tourist in my own city, exploring new streets, museums and parks. Even when I am visiting a city for the second time, I try to explore areas that I have not seen before. Some of my reasons to travel (besides the usual- expanding horizons etc.) are:

  • Traveling makes one more adaptable. Even when your travel plans include the very best that money can buy, things are bound to go awry…no one can predict airline delays, bad weather, theft, rude encounters, food poisoning etc. The more I travel, the better I get at adapting to different environments. Now I am learning more about traveling with a child (and how carrying one jacket for the entire journey of a week is a terrible idea!!)
  • I get to take pictures! I don’t have any training in photography, and I have no interest in investing in a DSLR (it’s too large to carry, my son cannot be still for pictures, and it is distracting when you want a quick shot during a guided tour). So I just point and shoot, with unpredictable results but good memories!
  • Exploring someplace new boosts my spirits. Every single time. Irrespective of what is going on in my life.
  • Feeds my social media page (read FB).
  • Helps me get some exercise. Now I don’t exercise regularly, but I have no problem walking miles in a new place!
  • The more I explore, the more my preconceived notions are demolished. I have realized that most people, irrespective of their background, are kind souls, willing to help. And the most important things in life transcend all cultural differences.

I know, the last point got a bit heavy, so I’ll stop. Enjoy pictures from some of the greatest cities that I have been to!DSC03044Colosseum, Romesan francisco1Pacific Ocean and Sutro Baths at the Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, CALALos Angeles skylineistanbulSultan Ahmed Mosque, Istanbul, TurkeyrialtoRialto Bridge, Venice, Italycaesar's palaceCaesar’s Palace, Las Vegas, Nevada

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