Global warming

Global warming is not a conqueror to kneel before – but a challenge to rise to. A challenge we must rise to.

Joe Lieberman

The picture below is that of a glacier in Alaska-these glaciers are disappearing fast!


The greatest story of exploitation

Has long been hidden under wraps

The pillage of our planet by mankind

Deserves to be discussed perhaps.

The planet Earth, our unique abode

That over millennia has sustained us

Is under threat from human greed

Its fragility suddenly in focus.

We’ve cut down trees, industrialized

And thus polluted our breathable air

Raising emissions of greenhouse gases

Causing a rent in the ozone layer.

Plagued by the sweltering heat in summer

We dismiss it as “global warming”

Forgetting that the rising temperatures

Carry with them an ominous warning.

And then, reeling under the polar vortex

Global warming is pushed into oblivion

Though the frigid temperatures are

Of global warming, a manifestation.

Remember every time you travel

To see an island or a glacier

Your children may never see them

Because they are likely to disappear.

May be all of us could lend

A helping hand for Mother Earth

And do our minute part

In preserving our home and hearth..

We sowed the seeds of global warming

Eventually the fruits we’ll bear

We have  to make an effort to save

The earth and its atmosphere.

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