All boxed up and coming to you


I had always known the word subscription in

Reference to a newspaper or magazine

Or a library of books and media varied

So I must admit I am surprised indeed

To see online subscriptions available nowadays

For everything you need- I am amazed

At the plethora of services to which you may subscribe-

Customized clothing to fit the lifestyle you describe

Beauty and spa products- monthly delivered

Containing products of which you had not heard

But exotic, wrapped in an alluring package

Customized for you, suitable for your age

Healthy meal deliveries to help you navigate

A busy lifestyle, useful if cooking is something you hate

If you want to cook but difficult are decisions

On what to cook daily, here’s a solution with precision-

Meal planning services are there to cater to you

You get a recipe and wrapped ingredients too

Of course it can be customized to accommodate

Your dietary preferences, your eclectic palate

If going to a gym is not your cup of tea

Fitness subscriptions can solve that problem easily



The items delivered to you periodically

Are curated and personalized carefully

Opening the box for each shipment

Is like getting each time a new present

Sellers know this, and they are also aware

Once people subscribe, they seem not to care

About the subscription, and quite rarely

Make a move to cancel immediately

Even when the service does not worthwhile appear-

This is just normal human behavior..


This subscription commerce is on an upward swing

Meanwhile, I shall continue to buy my own things. 

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