DSC03311 (2)Moments of life trickled away

Pleasing the world around her

Friends and family had their say

While she was a silent spectator.

Suppressing her heart’s inner desire,

She walked on a balance-beam

Set by others, so they could admire

Her virtue, while she smothered her dreams.

She did her best to conform

To the narrow confines they had set

She mastered how to perform

Synchronously, like a puppet.

The stubborn streak within her

Which sometimes would threaten display

She did learn to suppress forever

Her will she trained not to stand in the way.

Lived her life listening to everyone

And as she lay on her death-bed

She realized she never had done

Anything her heart had said…

Published by iheart11

A 30-something year old woman, physician by profession, fiercely passionate about work, family, travel and fashion..

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