It’s in my DNA

9688663-Two-scientists-fixing-dna-Stock-Photo-dna-science-cartoonBlessed are Mendel, Watson and Crick

All those who discovered one big trick-

That our characteristics and behavior any day

Can be blamed on our genes and DNA..

From obvious physical traits and maladies rare

To an optimistic disposition- nothing is spared

From the influence of the mighty double strand

All quirks of human body seem to stand

Subservient to the whims of their genetic constitution- 

DNA has, indeed, acquired a dubious reputation

For being implicated in everything from addiction

To anger, adultery, any behavioral affliction..

Easy it is to blame something that cannot be changed

While (modifiable) environmental issues remain unnamed

By  blaming unacceptable behaviors on heredity

There is a tendency to absolve oneself of responsibility..

But here is something that we should remember

While DNA loads the gun, lifestyle pulls the trigger*,

So even if the genetic code stays a mystery

Actions can outshine family history!


(Mendel discovered genes, Watson and Crick discovered double-stranded DNA)

(*Adapted from a quote by Mehmet Oz)

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One thought on “It’s in my DNA

  1. “By blaming unacceptable behaviors on heredity There is a tendency to absolve oneself of responsibility..”- Key lines of the poem…

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