I love peacocks.

Peacock is the national bird of India.

Peacocks are beautiful, graceful birds. In India, the male peacock usually spreads out his wings to dance at the approach of monsoon.

Enjoy the pictures of this beautiful bird. (Unfortunately, none of them was taken in India).

From a museum in Montreal, Canada showing a stained glass window

stained glass montreal (2) Life-like peacock at the Philadelphia Flower Showpeacock The following photographs of actual peacocks are from the Di Rosa Preserve, Napa Valley, CA
single peacockpeacocks on the balcony peacocks

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5 thoughts on “Peacocks

  1. Peacocks are such magical birds, we are so blessed in this world to have such beauty. What an awesome bird to have as your national bird. 😀 I love the iridescence of their feathers and colors, fascinating. I too like the pic of them chilling on the railing. Nice post. 🙂

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