Forces of Nature

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Forces of Nature.”

I recently visited Niagara Falls (again), and the sheer energy with which the water drops in to mist below is breathtaking. Here are some pictures, and of course, a verse!

DSC05122DSC05068DSC05085The forces of nature

Shaping past, present, future

Of the earth, and our lives

Can destroy us, or let us thrive

They always remind us

Of our place in the universe

Use them, harness them, we may

But they have the power, they can sway

Fortunes of men and nations

In unpredictable directions..

They represent beauty, raw and pure

Even when their destructive power we endure.

WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Serenity

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Serenity.”

“Dip your serenity in serendipity and let the surprise be your prize”. – AlaGraPHY

Serenity to me conjures up images of candles, peaceful birds and animals, and tranquil waters.

Candle Arrangement at Philadelphia Flower Showvieques serenityTranquil sea at Vieques, Puerto Ricoserenity5Crane in deep thoughtsea cave2Rock formation in a sea cave in Bermuda giving the appearance of Buddha