anger imageRaging fires within

Incinerating, burning a hole

Rising above the din

Of the wailing of my soul

Carnage widespread

Of the depths of my mind

Unfettered, unchecked

Fueled by a rage blind..

Such was my anger

Fed on envy, greed, pride

A thunderous monster

Swallowing me with jaws wide.


The fire died

By itself consumed

As my soul cried

Charred, but exhumed

A faint, positive voice

Rose from within

Giving me a choice

Of resurrecting

Whatever remained

Of my destroyed being

Fate had ordained

Massive rebuilding.

Anger spent, pride gone,

Greed, envy disappeared

As I sat alone, forlorn

Hope in its glory appeared.

Under its calming influence

My soul filled with love to the brim

Contentment and faith in confluence

Transformed my condition grim.

Evils of past now purged

With a steely resolve maintained

Into the future I lurched

Keeping my anger contained. 

Published by iheart11

A 30-something year old woman, physician by profession, fiercely passionate about work, family, travel and fashion..

6 thoughts on “Anger

    1. I was thinking more about the destructive kind of anger. I think initial anger propels you to do something about your situation, but if unchecked, it starts affecting you negatively. Personally that is where I felt my anger at that moment was going, so I tried to deflect it by writing this poem.:)


      1. oh, that’s nice. But in my opinion, I feel anger should be allowed as we allow other feelings, unless otherwise there is a purpose, god would have forbidden this anger from human.But what you have done is good! 🙂

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