Stuck? Just take a step!

The only difference between a rut and a grave are the dimensions.

Ellen Glasgow

DSC04117 (2)

I often face a mental block

As if faced by a mammoth rock

My mind a simple blank draws

Inertia grips me in its claws

I lie, listless, in a state of torpor

Waiting to be shaken out of stupor

Sucked dry of creative juice

I feel the onslaught of the blues

I then recede in recesses deep

Hoping inspiration would break my sleep.


How come I never did realize

Waiting and watching was unwise

I needed to get up and begin

Fight the lethargy seeping in

Change the pattern of my thought

Rekindle the spark that I forgot

New ideas would germinate

Draw me out of my inertial state

Step forward with a light spring

As I experience my spirits swing

Back on the upward incline

Enthusiastic, I rise and shine


If in a rut you ever feel stuck

Just take a step to change your luck

Begin, and the path you shall find

As the stars themselves align

The world can be your oyster

As you move ahead without fear.

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