Travel Theme-Tangle

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It’s been a while since I participated in any challenge (or posted any content, for that matter!)

Surprisingly, it was quite easy to come up with ideas for this one- I hope you enjoy the collection!

Tangled webs of our lives

That we try to navigate

Gathering tools along the way

With life we learn to negotiate

Meandering through myriad mazes

Of rational thought, conflicts, emotions,

Cracking complex conundrums

We sail through life’s web of oceans. 

All of life’s choicest blessings

Tangled they present, with success

Mixed with sorrows and failures

We unravel them to find happiness.

DSC05211A chandelier with wires tangled in a unique pattern-At Corning Museum of Glass, Corning, NYDSC05143Chihuly’s sculpture- a tangled mess- at Corning Museum of GlassDSC05155Tangled web that holds a family together- artist’s depiction of her family with each atom representing a family member-At Corning Museum of GlassDSC04547Tangled aerial roots of a banyan tree, Nassau, The BahamasDSC04218Tangled ropes, Museum of Art and Design, New York City, NY

DSC04853Tree branches that appear entangled- Seaport Village, San Diego, CA

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