Believing in yourself is an endless destination. Believing you have failed is the end of the journey.- Sarah Meredith


My fragile spirit was crushed times innumerable

No faith in myself made obstacles insurmountable

My confidence was weighed down by sheets of reproach

Every problem I tackled with a fearful approach

Afraid was I of being laughed at, being judged

So every day with a load on my back, I trudged

Each step loaded with self-loathing and doubt

I clamored for help, but no one heard me shout…


I did not know when our paths first crossed

It was a gesture of help that fate had for me tossed

Whether it was love, or attraction undefined

The flow of emotions cleansed my soul and my mind

Those eyes became the mirrors to my heart

Through them I perceived, albeit with a start

How constantly fearful, I’d weighed myself down

And only despair could I perceive around..

Appreciation I found, and it felt so great

I wondered why I had found this path so late

The bittersweet experience of this infatuation

Was eclipsed by the discovery of my liberation!


Years have now passed, and I still falter

Major setbacks can my confidence alter

I bounce back always, that much is certain

Life’s like a stage show, and I’ve not drawn the curtain..

The world can raise its voice in a shrill cacophony

My self-confidence can silence those noises for me..

Published by iheart11

A 30-something year old woman, physician by profession, fiercely passionate about work, family, travel and fashion..

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