Ramblings in the time of COVID scare….


Someday I’ll talk about a cataclysmic

Event that changed the world, a pandemic

A virus swept the world by storm

Fear over its spread became the norm

In terms of social media trends

The “crown” it took for days on end

Spread like lightning, helped by the conveniences

Of modern day travel- breaking all defences

Lives it claimed, and economies too

Each day created panic anew…



While all this is happening today

I hope I’d remember the pandemic in a different way-

Survivors would survive, hysteria would die down

But I hope there would remain a positive legacy to this “crown”-

In a decade that had begun sharply polarized

Coronavirus would be remembered as the medium that made us realize

That health and illness do not discriminate

On the basis of politics, religion, country or state

I hope that 2020 would go down in history

As the year that united every country

Because all the differences that the world had to face

Paled in front of this massive menace

I hope one day I would talk about how the world

Came together, and a war on the virus unfurled..



Call me a fantasist, but I hope for change radical

And I believe this pandemic might be the vehicle

For us to take a step back and evaluate

The mindless consumerism that has been our state

Temporary restrictions on mobility

Might make us reevaluate and see

All the things that we consume versus all the things that we need

This would be the time to learn how to live sustainably indeed



Someday I hope I would remember

The year 2020 as a defining year

When a virus by causing a pandemic

Ripped apart our world’s flimsy fabric

And forced us to redesign our lives

In a better way, that let humanity thrive


(Corona means “crown”)

Published by iheart11

A 30-something year old woman, physician by profession, fiercely passionate about work, family, travel and fashion..

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