Write and rejuvenate

DSC05902Orange hues of the winter sun

Percolating through the blinds open

Reminding me of the night before

When my deepest desires did I explore

Waking up with an enigmatic smile

Oblivious of the world for a while

With days bathed in love, nights in passion

Dreaming of spending my life in this fashion


Those halcyon days have since then

Vanished without a trace from my horizon

Honeymoon phases do not last long

Time tends to feeble desires strong

The rays of the wintersun now remind

Me of morning madness to be on time

Passion, romance are concepts elusive

The monotony of daily life is not conducive

To spending nights drenched in passion

And wake up feeling unrestrained elation

Once in a while I long for those days-

Of losing myself in a dreamy haze


Knowing the experience will never quite be

A treat to the senses like it used to be

That passion I now try to recreate

In my writing so that I can satiate 

A longing to preserve the past as it had been

And be more enthusiastic for the future unseen

Writing liberates me and lets me be

From all constraints of age and time, free!


May I go ahead and audaciously suggest

To try writing instead of seeking a therapist

When mid-life crisis looms large over you

Penning down your thoughts may carry you through!

Published by iheart11

A 30-something year old woman, physician by profession, fiercely passionate about work, family, travel and fashion..

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