Stopping by a meadow on a dreary evening..

DSC05716The day today seems dreary

Run-of-the-mill, perfectly ordinary

Filled with moments of monotony

Discussions on politics and economy

Nothing exciting to look at or explore

A day singular in being nothing but a bore


As I embark at the end of the day

Home, driving along my tried and tested way

Suddenly I am forced to take a detour

Road closure- what else do I have to endure?

Clearly irritated, reluctantly I change my route

This disruption to my routine I could do without..


To my surprise, I am driving through a meadow

So picturesque that inadvertently I start going slow

Until the inviting fields force on me a complete halt

I will be late reaching home, it won’t be my fault

I run through the meadow like a bird carefree

Taking in the air, the grass, the flowers recklessly

Finding a meandering brook that gurgles musically

Is the cherry on the pie, topping the experience actually

I whisper a prayer for this unexpected twist to the day

Here’s my small adventure, a secret along the way!


That was a day, in spring years ago

Taught me a lesson invaluable though

Since then I have welcomed detours quite a few

Taking “The Road Not Taken” has its joys too

Adventure can be found in daily existence

Monotony can be broken if we are persistent

So stop by the woods, or the roadside or a park

Discover beauty and reignite the adventurous spark!DSC05952




Published by iheart11

A 30-something year old woman, physician by profession, fiercely passionate about work, family, travel and fashion..

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