Have Facebook, will complain..

media-tation-media-meditation-many-armed-cartoon-yoga-man-sitting-globe-lotus-position-holding-contemporary-electronic-42635392 (1)Increasingly I seem to see

A disturbing trend around me

Of rants and complaints everywhere

Overt, or disguised- beware!

Posted on various web platforms

Sometimes flouting societal norms

A new way of expressing displeasure

Sitting with a computer, at leisure

The slightest annoyance has to be shared

On facebook or twitter, with strangers shared

No doubt there are some folks in cyberspace

Who will sympathize with  your unique case

Making you feel your opinion is precious

In a world of loyalties increasingly capricious

The internet provides anonymity convenient

Towards usual decorum it is more lenient

Thus criticism inappropriate in polite company

Is posted on the web, for the eyes of all and sundry..


Social media websites were actually designed

Keeping friends and family in mind

To share happy moments with one another

These websites have metamorphosed altogether

For people to push their biased views

“Creating awareness” is the oft-used ruse

I wish people would stop criticizing

Keep negative opinions hidden, without publicizing

For negativity breeds intolerance, I think

It will take time for this idea to sink!







Published by iheart11

A 30-something year old woman, physician by profession, fiercely passionate about work, family, travel and fashion..

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